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Marble Surface


We deliver industry leading land service solutions to various energy and natural resource companies.  From upstream and midstream oil and gas operators in the major shale plays of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, to wind and solar renewable energy companies across the Appalachian Basin, we ensure our work is tailored specifically to fit your project needs. 

Whether we are managing the entire project or are working with you to supplement your in-house team we take your budget and deadlines seriously.  

Title & Abstracting

  • Surface, mineral, lease and right-of-way research

  • Research taxes, liens, judgements and encumbrances

  • Draft certified title abstracts and due diligence mineral ownership reports

  • Cut redundancy by using technology resulting in competitive pricing

  • Tailored pricing models to better suit our clients needs

Due Diligence

  • Mineral, leasehold and right-of-way validation

  • Research taxes, liens, judgements and encumbrances

  • Identify defects in title

  • Reviewing DTO/DOTOs to ensure requirements are satisfied

  • Well and production research

  • Review leasehold status

  • Confirmation of payments


  • Experienced curative team that will diligently tract and follow-up to ensure title defects are appropriately cured. 


  • Identify and locate heirs/beneficiaries

  • Preparation and filing of necessary heirship documents

  • Acquire records pertinent to heirship

  • Forensic genealogy

  • Validation of third party research


  • Deed plotting

  • Current and historic map overlays

  • Well production checks

  • Asset mapping

Well Audits

  • Historical well audits to determine location and status

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